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Butterfly Releases
Dove Release Prices

Due to increased Costs Karinya is increasing Prices for 2013.

$185.00 ‬for 2‭ ‬dove‭ ‬Minimum

Attendant delivers‭ - ‬option of own attendant or our staff to release
Cage is decorative and has ribbon of choice and petals/flowers.

‭ ‬$50.00 per Dove increase per dove on top of the $185.00 is applicable with increased numbers.

Please mention colour of flowers on release cage. ‬Also if you would like to hand release or‭ '‬ribbon release‭' (‬pull ribbon on decorative cage or container to release the Doves rather than hand release‭).‬ After making your booking  contact to refine details of your release.

If inclement weather occurs *Please note the release will not take place without notice.

Please note inclusion of inclement weather conditions‭ in the Dove Release Terms & Conditions.

Above prices include delivery with the option of Karinya staff presenting a selection‭ (‬of your choice‭) ‬of a small dedication and assistance if required.‬

Delivery of Doves is inclusive‭ within the Wollongong area
Surcharge is applicable if outside Wollongong.‬

You may decide to decorate the display cages‭.‬