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Karinya Wings success comes from advertising, networking and  repeat business. Education about our naturalistic policy and how the birds and butterflies are bred and kept important to us at Karinya. In 2009 we launched our School and Community Education program.

Karinya also operates through small business groups and the Internet. 

Karinya vehicle has the advertising logo to build recognition to our operating locally in the Illawarra.

Ongoing business improvement is aimed at variety of choices for you

Karinya has been very busy and involved in the entomology of the breeding process of our butterflies and the horticultural knowledge needed to feed and breed  butterfly stocks. The hothouse is set up with the plants needed to sustain the butterfly cycle. As keen members of Butterfly and Other Vertebrae Club, education is a strong dedication of Karinya Wings.

Doves are bred onsite and trained as the fine athletic flyers, healthy and strong to return home after their release.  They are gentle athletes.

Research & Development of the Business is Always Ongoing 

Karinya is involved with the South Coast Pigeon Club and constantly researching other sources to stay in tune with information.  Membership with the Butterfly Club of Australia is a great support to Karinya as budding entomologists.