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Dove Releases
Butterfly Release Overview
The elegance and charm of releasing local breeds
of butterflies into the air will lend an air of
elegance to your event or function.
We take pride in servicing the beautiful Illawarra - and only release in this zone for our butterfly releases. This benefits the well being and survival of the butterflies and helps restock dwindling local populations. Karinya Wings personalises inclusive delivery, freeing our Butterflies from harm and ensuring successful release for our customers to make your day a memorable one.

Inspiration of a Butterfly or Dove release can be further individualised with our Beautiful range of Feather Products such as Feather Roses or our Illuminating Flower Lights. For that touch of elegance. Karinya Wings will personalise your occasion with the unique options to give that lasting memory to your special occasion.

Let Us Give Flight To Your Real Memories

There is a number of options when it comes to releasing your butterflies.
These include:

  • Individual release
    You or you and your partner hand release the butterflies, with the guidance of our staff. Or the butterflies can be released from one of our elegant containers.
  • Group release
    The butterflies are released from one of our elegant containers. With the assistance of our staff if required.
  • Mass release
    The butterflies are mass released for a spectacular display.  With the assistance of our staff if required.

Butterfly Identification Guide