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Dove Release
Dove Releases Overview
The elegance and charm of releasing  snow white
Doves (White Homing Pigeons) and watching them circle
around you and your guests offers an elegant visual display.
Contact for bookings as of 24/5/13 is 0401739337
Karinya takes pride in servicing the beautiful Illawarra - and only release in this zone for releases. This benefits the homing of Doves.

Karinya Wings personalises inclusive delivery, ensuring successful release for customers.

Inspiration of a Butterfly or Dove release can be further individualised with on line Feather Products such as Feather Roses or  Illuminating Flower Lights.  Karinya Wings will personalise your occasion with the unique options to give that lasting memory to your special occasion.

Let Us Give Flight To Your Real Memories

There are several  ways you can release the doves. Some people love the feeling of releasing the doves by hand themselves while others prefer the visual beauty of the ribbon release method directly from one of Karinya elegant cages. Follow the instructions below. 
Hand Release Instructions

Remember doves do not bite. As gentle athletes they may flap a wing until you have a secure hold. It is as easy as holding the wings together with a firm handshake grip, but not too tight as to harm the bird. The dove will feel relaxed when held this way and then you may feel free to release at will.

Both hands are used with the dove facing away from you.

When it is time to release the dove hold your hands outstretched and gently throw the dove into the sky with an aim of approximately 45 degrees away from yourself.

Please look for an open space to avoid trees and power lines and any other obstructions so the dove has a clear view to begin its return back to the loft. The doves will usually circle a few times until they have their bearings to fly away.

The use of antiseptic hand gel is recommended after use.

Ribbon Release Instructions

Attached to the presentation cage there will be a wide ribbon on each side, or attached to the cage top depending on your choice of cage presentation.

When ready either individually or together pull pull the ribbons to allow the cage to open.

The doves may need prompting at times but will fly out, and the release is complete.  If the doves remain in the cage there is a small door that will allow the customer to promote the dove to fly out.

Doves will circle until they have their bearings and then return to the loft.